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Meet your Knoxville Chiropractor or Restoration Chiropractic, Dr. Trent Hippard. With 10+ years of leading individuals to extraordinary health, Dr. Trent is proud to serve the West Knoxville community.

When Dr. Trent was 11, his life was blessed and forever changed with a brother named Jonathon. An individual that has left so many warm impressions on his heart and has changed him for the greater good of others.  God used Jonathon to teach patience, understanding but the biggest one of all compassion.  Jonathon was diagnosed with multiple labels such as autistic, bipolar disorder and mental retardation.   Labels that leave a person of understanding; misunderstood and confused.

As Dr. Trent ventured through chiropractic school he always kept Jonathon in the back of his mind.  Not only him but other precious children and their families like theirs.  Through many tough challenges Jonathon faced, chiropractic seemed to be the hope that was missing in hiss life.  Within months of providing chiropractic care for Jonathon, they began to see what was once a dim light in his eyes and a lifeless body, start to emerge into a kid shining brightly and a body full of potential. What was once a struggle for him like speaking complete sentences now was an everyday phenomenon.  Though chiropractic care does not TREAT or CURE diseases of the body, it does offer a better way for it to function, heal and thrive in a state of optimal health through a clear neurological connection between the brain and the body.

Chiropractic is more than a job or a career for Dr. Trent, it has given the gift of experiencing TRUE Health to many people over the years.

Dr. Trent is proud to serve his community as your neighborhood West Knoxville Chiropractor. 

“Health comes from within” was a bold concept but Dr. Trent trusted it and knew it couldn’t hurt Jonathon but only help him. Trust the Power that made the body for it is the power of perfection. Albert Schweitzer, M.D. said it best:

“Each patient carries his own doctor inside of him. They come to us not knowing that truth. We are at our best when we give the doctor that resides within each patient a chance to work.”

Love what you do and do what you love and do it better than anyone else.

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